Mediterranean Chicken

Breaded chicken topped with our fresh Mediterranean salsa, feta & tzatziki 15.50

Filipino Spring Rolls

A Filipino classic, made in house. (6) 14.50

Crab Rangoons

Crispy egg roll pastry filled with smooth cream cheese & crab meat. $15.50

Spinach Dip

Spinach, artichoke, garlic & cream cheese

topped with  mozza & cheddar cheese.

Served with tortilla chips or sliced baguette.  15.50

Coconut Shrimp

Served with Thai sweet and spicy dip! 15.50

Creamy Sweet Ribs

Our in house boneless ribs tossed in our creamy sweet sauce 15.50

Chicken Wings

Your choice of Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, or Hot


Vegas Fries

What a combo!

French fries & buffalo sauce tossed together, topped with green onions and your choice of feta or blue cheese. 15.50

Geno’s Legendary Bread Wedge

Our house made pizza dough topped with Italian sauce,

Parmesan & mozzarella cheese, served with honey dill dip

10″ 14.50  13″  19.50

Reuben Rolls

Corned beef, havarti cheese & Sauerkraut wrapped in a light egg roll pastry (3)

Served with a sweet, whole seed mustard. 14.50


House cut tortilla chips piled high with

mozza, cheddar, tomatoes, chives,

black olives and jalapenos. 19.95

Add chicken or beef 5


All salads are accompanied by fresh baguette. Add diced chicken breast to any salad for just 4.

Greek Salad

Romaine, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and kalamata olives all topped with feta.

Served with garlic toast. 15.95

Santa Fe Chicken Salad

Spring mix, topped with corn, black beans, tortilla chips, dates, feta cheese

& tossed in a peanut lime vinaigrette, accompanied by cajun chicken 18.95

House Salad

Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, onion, croutons, marble cheese,

and our house ranch dressing. 16.95

Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad

Romaine, croutons, Parmesan cheese and bacon.

Served with our house made dressing and topped with a blackened chicken breast. 17.95


Cask Steak Salad

6 Oz. AAA hand cut Sirloin steak sliced on crisp mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, peppers, red onion & goat cheese.

Served with our sweet onion house dressing. 19.95

Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad

Diced chicken and bacon on top of our house salad with our

famous house made ranch dressing.18.95

Pub Grub

Below are all served with your choice of fresh cut French Fries, Caesar, or House Tossed Salad

Classic Cask Burger

Hand pressed AAA ground beef, lettuce, tomato, sweet onion & cheddar cheese. 17.50

Add Bacon 1

Mediterranean Chicken Burger

Battered chicken breast topped with our Greek salsa, feta cheese, and tzatziki. 18.50

Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken, cheese, peppers, tomatoes, and onions folded in a grilled tortilla. 18.50

The 40 Creek Burger

Certified Angus Beef patty dipped in

40 Creek Whisky BBQ Sauce and topped

with mushrooms & cheddar cheese. 17.50

Cod & Chips

Beer battered Cod topped on a mountain of home cut fries & tartar sauce. 18.50

Philly Cheese Steak

Shaved ribeye with fresh peppers. onions, mushrooms

and a cheese medley. 19.50

Chicken Club Burger

Crispy breaded chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, and tomato topped with jalapeno havarti cheese 18.50

The Notorious

Havarti, house made onion rings, deep fried pickles & secret sauce. 18.50

Peppercorn Bacon Burger

Ground AAA Certified Angus beef pressed into a peppercorn medley, bacon  & creamy jalapeno havarti cheese! 17.50


Cauliflower crust in Medium available


Spicy taco beef, lettuce & tomato. Topped with marble shredded cheese and sour cream.

Medium 19 Large 30

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Ranch base. chicken breast, marble cheese, pineapple and bacon.

Spice it up with creamy buffalo!

Medium 23  Large 33


Ham & Pineapple.

Medium 18  Large 28


Pepperoni, mushroom & bacon

Med 19 Large 29


Spinach, purple onion, tomatoes, peppers, kalamata olives, feta & mozzarella cheese

Med 19 Large 30

All Meat

Pepperoni, bacon, ham, and salami

Med 22 Large 32

All Dressed

Pepperoni, bacon, ham, salami, pineapple, green pepper, onion, and mushrooms

Med 23 Large 33


Entrees come with choice of starter soup, tossed or caesar salad, vegetable & choice of rice, baked or house cut french fries

Cajun Chicken Fettuccine

House cajun alfredo sauce, mushrooms, bell peppers & chives topped with a blackened chicken breast. 21.95

Served with a starter soup or salad.

Chicken Mushroom Fettuccine

House alfredo, mushrooms, chives & chicken breast topped with parmesan.

Served with a starter soup or salad.

Pasta Gustosa

Fettuccini with chicken, bacon, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas,

and covered in a spicy white sauce. $21.95

Served with a starter soup or salad.

Thai Vermicelli Bowl

Tender rice noodles topped with grilled chicken or pork,

fried spring roll, crisp veggies and crunchy peanuts. 17.95

Not served with a side.

Stuffed Greek Chicken Breast

Pan fried spinach & garlic along with feta cheese stuffed inside a seasoned chicken breast.

One breast 18.95

For the pair 23.95

8oz Striploin Steak

Our hand cut AAA 8oz Striploin cooked just the way you like it and seasoned to perfection

, topped with garlic mushrooms 22.95

Cask 82 Ribs

Our fabulous fall off the bone back ribs, seasoned in your choice of:

40 Creek BBQ or Greek

1/2 rack 18.95 Full rack 22.95

King of Steaks

Hand cut 12oz AAA Certified Angus striploin cooked just the way you like it and seasoned to perfection,

topped with garlic mushrooms 27.95


Treat yourself! Dig into a mouth watering dessert to top off your meal!

Homemade Cheesecake

Made in house, our cheesecake is topped with

strawberry sauce & dreamy whipped cream.


Funnel Cake Fries

Golden funnel cake fries, dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar.


Mini Donuts

Deep fried a golden brown & tossed in sugar, then drizzled with chocolate, vanilla and caramel.

SM 3.95  LG 7.95

Sticky Toffee Pudding

A decadent toffee sponge cake served with whipped cream.


Cherry Whisky Cheesecake

Dark cherry pieces in a rich cream cheese cake.


Chocolate Truffle Mousse Cake

A deliciously creamy chocolate mousse served with whipped cream.